Hurt Less. Live More.




Diagnosis: Spinal stenosis & sciatica 

“After six weeks, I was pain free! All of my questions and concerns were answered fully. I can’t think of anything to improve.”  - Willie Frank



Diagnosis: Full rotator cuff tear/repair 

“I love you people. I wouldn’t even have known what was wrong with me if it wasn’t for you. The staff here is so helpful, compassionate, and cheerful.”  - Betty Betz 


Diagnosis: spinal stenosis and herniated disc

“Driving from Jersey City was worth every mile! The environment is exceptional. I am totally off [pain] medication for the first time in years. Truly a class act!”  - Robert Iezzi 


Diagnosis: scoliosis and spinal stenosis

 “I was treated with more compassion and respect than any medical person ever has. Their explanation of x-rays and MRIs was more helpful and explicit than any doctor’s. Jack and Janene are two of the best professionals that I have ever encountered in my life.”  - Susan Miracle 


Diagnosis #1: rotator cuff tear/repair
Diagnosis #2: spinal stenosis, laminectomy

 “The environment and quality of care was excellent! Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. I was amazed by the progress I made.”  - Betsy Cereghino 


Diagnosis: biceps tendon rupture and labrum tear

 “Due to numerous sports-related injuries in both shoulders and knees, my ability to perform daily tasks became unbearable and compromised my lifestyle. Thanks to the RIGHT analysis, the RIGHT diagnosis, the RIGHT therapy, and the RIGHT treatment management, I have returned to cycling and skiing with new strength, capacity, range of motion, and in fact a whole new quality of life.”  - Paul Richard 


Diagnosis: lumbar herniated disc and spinal fusion

 “I feel great. I’m able to exercise longer than before. The quality of care is excellent. My back problem was resolved."   - Deb Benner



Diagnosis #1: cervical spine degeneration

Diagnosis #2: total knee replacement

“Several years ago I went to my family doctor with severe neck pain. Jack was able to see me that day, and in a few days, I was pain free. So when I had a total knee replacement in July, I knew where to go for therapy…. I couldn’t have regained use of my knee as fast as I did [four weeks] without your outstanding treatment. I have a friend who still can’t bend her knee after 8 weeks…. The place is spotless and has the latest and best equipment…I recommended Parry Physical Therapy Group to my neighbor who was also impressed with their services.”   - Henry DePue