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Parry PT Group Patient Tammy M.


"Their patient care is genuine.  They care about the whole patient, not just the injury.  Dr. Dana and PT aide Rose always took the time to listen and address any concerns I had.  I asked so many questions after fracturing the bones in my forearm, and Dana consistently and patiently explained every exercise and why I was doing it.  My weeks of physical therapy went by quickly, and my improvement was remarkable." 

- Tammy Moore, Lederach, PA



"Much attention and care was given to sanitizing everything right after use!"                                                 - P. Morris, Souderton patient

"In life, its knowing the right people to help you through it.  For PT, this is the place."                                     - Eric Touchstone, Quakertown, PA

"Compared to my previous experience at another physical therapy office, Parry PT is head and shoulders above.  The personal attention was excellent.  Absolutely don't change - continue to address the clients with compassion and dignity (and your sense of humor at the proper time is appreciated)."   -  Joseph O'Neill, Dublin, PA


Parry PT Group Patient Wayne H.


"Very positive experience.  I enjoyed working with Boben and Kris in Lansdale.  This is the second time I have been here and both times have been great!"

- Wayne Haines, Lansdale, PA 



"My overall experience at Parry Physical Therapy Group was great!  I always looked forward to my visits and knew that I would be welcomed by an amazing staff!"  - Alex A., Souderton patient

"The environment was very friendly, and the therapist and staff were so kind and caring...treated you as family.  They were my encouragers.  In the beginning, I had Lauren and Emily in Dublin.  They really encouraged me and their attitudes were fun and caring.  I didn't mind coming to PT.  Thank you, ladies, for believing in me."   - Darlene Myers,  Pipersville, PA

 "Dr. Jim Smith was a true pro - polite, A+, kind and thoughtful.  Carmen, at the Souderton receptionist desk, is a true asset - so friendly every time I came in."  - Barbara Chellow, Telford, PA


Parry PT Group Patient Barb M.

"People come to physical therapy to regain function and lose or at least lessen pain.  Some people have had horrible accidents.  Others are healing from replacement surgery.  Others, like me, are in pain because we just forgot to do all the upkeep needed for an aging body.  I came with a pain in my knee that keeps me from doing the activities I love.

Many people moan about physical therapy because it requires work and, usually, some pain. PT here at Parry requires work, but at least for me, no pain.  Any discomfort is masked by the cheerfulness and warmth of the staff.  In fact, leaving or "graduating" from PT here is a little sad.  I have heard more than one patient sigh that their last day is coming soon.  I leave here stronger and with no pain but also a feeling that I have made two friends: Dana and Rose.                                                 Thank you."  - Barb MacMullen, Hatfield, PA


"Everyone is very knowledgeableand personable.  It's a pleasant place to get PT."    - Marcia H., Dublin patient

"Extremely happy, the staff was outstanding.  Professional, caring and easy to talk to.  Difficult to find these days."  - Norman Storer, Perkasie, PA

"A friendly, no nonsense atmosphere that worked you to your ability, providing a safe and caring experience.  Keep up the excellent work." - Wanda Marshall, Harleysville, PA


Parry PT Group Patient Melissa K.


"Parry Physical Therapy Group provided me the necessary PT for my shoulder replacement in a very caring and personal fashion.  Not only did I improve my strength and range of motion, but I enjoyed coming to physical therapy at Parry."

- Harry Finlayson, North Wales, PA


"Awesome therapists to work with. They care so much about their patients and do their best to aid patients in their recovery."  - Wade Jeffries, Lansdale, PA

"Everyone was so kind, compassionate, and patient with me.  PT Jim and Josh helped me so much, and I'm feeling so much better thanks to them.  I would recommed Parry Physical Therapy to anyone."  - Diana Padgeon, Sellersville, PA

"I came in feeling unsure and left feeling comfortable."  - Marcella Kuebler, Souderton, PA



"Parry Physical Therapy and the team at the Dublin office helped me overcome unthinkable physical challenges and get back to normal following brain surgery.  Their professionalism, compassion, and commitment to their patients are unparalleled."

-- Brian Blair, Fountainville, PA



"Dana and Rose are an awesome team.  I wouldn't go anywhere else for PT moving foward.  BTW, I have been to two other physical therapists and the gals at Harleysville are my personal favorite by far."  - Marilyn Cattie, Harleysville, PA

Physical therapist Jim, Jess, Josh, and everyone at the Souderton office were very encouraging, professional and patient.  They made things fun.  Carmen always had a smile and an encouraging word."  - Dottie Schneider, Telford, PA

"Excellent, friendly, convenient, compassionate, thorough.  Everyone was a treat to deal with.  I will not hestitate to recommend you to family, friends and co-workers."  - Suzanne Harshorne, Peraksie, PA 


Parry PT Group Patient Melissa K.


"I've been to Parry twice - once for a shoulder and once for a knee.  I was amazed at how quickly I started feeling better each time."

- Melissa Kelly, Lansdale, PA



If you have an injury and want to rehab with the best, go see Jack and his team. They are the best!"     - Tony Mauriello, Lansdale, PA

"I went to Parry with pain in my right knee and by the first week, the pain had already had subsided by 40%-50%.  I was impressed!  Dana not only treated the symptoms which were diagnosed by a doctor, but Dana was better than a doctor!  She treated my posture and anything else that had an influence on my knee.  I felt the benefits right away.  Josh and the other therapists were very helpful and always cheered me and the other patients up.  I loved the care I received at Parry!"   - Stella Iaconisi-Reynolds, Telford, PA


Parry PT Group Patient Melissa K.


"Dana and Rose were truly fantastic!  Before arriving here, I struggled with back pain for 2 months.  Upon starting PT, I began to immediately improve. Thank you!

- John J. Wilson, Harleysville, PA



"Jack stepped in when I had a bad experience at another PT practice.  He made himself available right away to do my treatment for 6 consecutive days after my knee manipulation was done.  Jack and Adrienne were great at helping me get back on track in an extremely urgent situation."  - Clare Isban, Souderton, PA

"Dr. Boben really understood my concerns and goals. He explained every exercise until I was able to do it. Kris was very pleasant and efficient." - Maryann Quillin, Lansdale, PA



"My pain was evaluated and addressed promptly.  My progression was noted and acted upon.  My questions were always answered with explicit detail, and the staff was very friendly and eager to help me improve."  

- Sally Atkiss, Hatfield, PA




"PT Lauren, Emily, Ashley, and Jess were very caring, patient, and provided one on one attention." - Kathleen Blankenbiller, Perkasie, PA

"The service is very good and the therapists are very helpful and kind." - Harvey Shoemaker, Souderton, PA


Parry PT Group Patient Emily M.


"I saw significant improvements in one month - this was extremely helpful.  The care plan was perfect for my diagnosis and issues.  It was worth coming from Conshohocken!" 

- Emily McMordie, Conshohocken, PA




"I really loved my overall experience at Parry Physical Therapy.  All of the staff are really pleasant, and I feel like they genuinely care about my recovery. I would recommend Parry Physical Therapy to family and friends."  - Jacara Pope, Souderton, PA

"When I was doing an excercize wrong, I was stopped and instructed of the correct way by the PT and the assistant in the Lansdale office.  I never waited for my care.  I'm very grateful for the personal, professional care."  - Deborah Nichols, visitor from St. Louis, Missouri



"I came to Parry Physical Therapy after rotator cuff surgery.  The therapists were professional, knowledgeable, and they really care about you!  I would highly recommend Parry Physical Therapy."

- Mary Olindo, Sellersville, PA



"I have never met such a GREAT group of people!  They all went above and beyond for their patients."  - Barbara Klinger, Sellersville, PA

"Physical therapist, Dr. Boben Babu, was very patient in helping my father and did an excellent job.  After about two months of treatment, my father didn't feel hip pain anymore.  We really appreciated Boben's help."  - Gee-Hong Kuo, Lansdale, PA



"I loved having physical therapy right in my gym!  I had a great experience at PPTG.   The staff made PT enjoyable, and I always looked forward to it.  I have made great improvements in my 12 weeks here and am feeling much better!  Thank you!"

- Kaitlyn Miller, Harleysville, PA



"Everyone was very nice!  They did a great job.  I am so glad I selected Parry!"   - Ray Yothers, Souderton, PA

"I've been to other physical therapy places, and it was always too repetitious and the same thing. You, however, changed it up each visit, and I did more in-depth exercises."   - Alison Brooks, Perkasie, PA




"The therapists were very compassionate, professional and accommodating.  When I first started, they were very encouraging and helped me continue to push on." 

- Kathy DeMeyere, Green Lane, PA



"I really love Parry Physical Therapy.  It is clear that the staff here genuinely care about their patients as they are always asking how you're feeling as soon as you walk in the door.  They are always friendly and know how to do their jobs well.  The techniques they use really work, and they track your progress daily using data collection and patient feedback.  Their cool down methods also make a huge difference and include massages, stretching, cooling packs and more. Overall, I have seen positive results from treatment here on two different injuries and would recommend this location to anyone in need of a good physical therapist.  - Art DeMarco, Harleysville, PA

"Very pleased with the helpfullness of the staff. I received answers to all my questions."   - Phyllis Ritter, Perkasie, PA


"Everyone is always cheerful - I feel like I am at "Cheers" because when I when I walk in, they all say, 'Hi Michelle!' 

I appreciate how my needs were met and I was encouraged to work, even when I didn't want to. This was the perfect balance of working at my own pace and comfort level while being stretched past my perceived limits. Even when I was having trouble with pain,  my PT worked with my doctor to strategize a solution. I can honestly say my treatment experience was excellent."   

- Michelle Clausz, Souderton, PA


"The therapists and assistants are very knowlegeable, thorough, and seemed willing to impart their knowledge and expertise."  - James Brown, Quakertown, PA

"I leave the Souderton facility in a much better physical state than when I started.  I'm also sent on my way with very descriptive instructions for a continued exercise routine. Very satisfied and appreciative of my care by the entire staff!"  - Robert L. Snyder, Sellersville, PA


PPTG Photo Collage - Excellent Service


"The best I ever had!"  - Benadette Wasmet, Telford, PA





"I had a great experience working with the staff at Parry PT in Dublin.  It was an easy experience to schedule an appointment.  I will recommend them to friends and family in the area."  - Lisa Morgan, Peraksie, PA

"Excellent care and service given at all times."  - Fred J. Malachowski, Peraksie, PA