Pastors Master Golf Tournament 2020

Parry Physical Therapy Services was pleased to be a Master Sponsor again this year for the 9th Annual Pastors Master Golf Tournament held on August 31, 2020.  This tournament is very special to Parry PT Group, Parry PT Services (Industry Health Solutions), and all its participants as the proceeds go to a favorite charity, Love Cradle USA – an orphan ministry based in Souderton, PA.     https://lovecradleint.org/

As in past years, generous donations from businesses in Bucks and Montgomery Counties will  be used to support adoption and humanitarian services in our area and in Eastern Europe.

The donations from last year’s tournament provided many critical services provided through Love Cradle:

  • In the USA, the Post Adoption Group aided many families and children in need
  • Delivery of coats, shoes, clothes, mattresses to several orphanages
  • Improvements to the adoption transition home 
  • Expansion of a greenhouse and garden that provides resources and income to help the transition home sustain itself
  • Food and clothing deliveries to families in war zones of Eastern Ukraine
  • …and so much more.

Our community came together at the Indian Valley Country Club to make sure this charity was not forgotten despite the challenges of 2020.   Here are some of this year’s supportive participants and winners!


Grand Prize Winner – Steve Jushchyshyn.  Dr. Jack Parry presented the Grand prize winner with a Bose speaker system, a Calaway putter, and a foursome to Indian Valley Country Club.

First Place Winners – Lou Mulliniks, Tim Moll, Lance Viola, and Gary Schillo.  Winners received  the Pastors Masters Trophy, TVs, and a foursome to Indian Valley Country Club.

Second Place Winners – Drew Weiss, Nick Long, Bryan Miller, and Justin Godshall.  Dr. Jack Parry presented these winners with cash prizes of $200 each.

Third Place Winners – Adam Halteman, Nathan Moyer, Anthony Miller, and Glenn Halteman.  Third place winners received cash prizes of $100 each

Highest Score Winners included Dr. Benjamin Chu, Edward Chu, John Jushchyshyn, and Steve Jushchyshyn

Other winners included:

  • Longest Drive Men: Jeremy Moore
  • Longest Drive Women: Janene Schimmer
  • Straightest Drive Men: Steve Jushchyshyn
  • Straightest Drive Women: Karen Parry
  • Closest to the Hole #4: Nate Weaver
  • Closest to the Hole #11: Tim Moll
  • Closest to the Hole #16: Rob Wonderling
  • Putting Contest Winner: Janene Schimmer

Thank you to all who helped Love Cradle children in need through the success of this tournament!

Pastors Masters 8th Annual Golf Tournament

With the help of enthusiast golfers and generous donations from corporate sponsors and businesses from Montgomery and Bucks counties, the 2019 Pastors Masters Charity Golf Tournament was a great success this year! The 8th annual charity golf tournament was held at the Indian Valley Country Club in Telford. Proceeds from the tournament benefited Love Cradle International – an orphan ministry, headquartered in Souderton, which provides a variety of humanitarian services, adoption counseling and hosting programs to orphaned and abandoned children in the U.S. and Eastern Europe. Parry Physical Therapy Group was proud to be a Master Sponsor again this year, along with returning Master Sponsors Hatfield Meats and Alderfer Glass Company.

Thanks to all who have helped give hope to these children and more!      http://www.lovecradleint.org

Dr. Jack Parry (right), owner of Parry Physical Therapy Group and Director of Resource Development for Love Cradle International, awards Wendell Weaver with this year’s grand prizes: A 40” TV and a complimentary round of golf for 4 at the Indian Valley Country Club.

Pastors Masters 1st Place team members included: Dave Vincent, Ken Mangin, Rick Linberger and Tom Bergey. Each member was awarded the Pastors Masters’ trophy, green windbreakers, and $300.00.

2nd Place team winners Jason Ryan, Dave Walbrandt, Bill Van Sant, and Gary Brown are presented with their prizes by Dr. Jack Parry.  Second place team members each received $200.00.

3rd Place team members included Tim Moll, Lance Viola, Dave Moll, and Lou Mulliniks.  Third place winners received $100.00 each.

Highest score winners included Karen Brown, Courtney Lepping. Karen Parry, and Judy Weiss.

Winners of the 2019 Jelly Bean Counting Contest

Maaz Jaffrey Jelly Bean Contest WinnerD.D. Wolfe Jelly Bean Contest Winner

Parry Physical Therapy Group held its annual jelly bean counting contest this spring at their clinics within the North Penn YMCA in Lansdale and the Indian Valley YMCA in Harleysville.  Physical therapy patients along with YMCA members and visitors submitted over 1,000 entries to win Apple iPads in the popular contest.  Maaz Jafry of Harleysville, who enjoys swimming lessons at the YMCA, guessed the correct number of jelly beans at the North Penn location.  Delpha D. Wolfe, a volunteer at the Indian Valley YMCA, won the contest at that site.  Congratulations to the winners!

My Toddler Is On The Move!

Women’s Health Week

Mother and Toddler on the Beach

My Toddler is on the Move!
By Nancy Offner, PT, MSPT, CLT

Now that your child is more active…and heavier, you need to continue to think about your back!

Bend your knees and squat down to talk to your child instead of leaning over them.

When lifting your toddler, bend your knees and squat down, let your toddler come to you, bring them close to your body, engage your core muscles and then stand up using your legs.

When getting your child out of a high chair, remove the tray so you do not have to lean over to lift them up and out of the chair.

Continuing an exercise program and finding fun ways to get exercise with your toddler will help keep your back healthy. If back pain persists, a physical therapist can help you manage your pain, develop a customized exercise program and help prevent future back issues.

(215) 538-1999 or at www.ParryPTGroup.com

My Baby Has Arrived..But My Back Pain Is Still Here!

Women’s Health Week

Mother Changing a Diaper

My Baby Has Arrived…But My Back Pain Is Still Here!
by Nancy Offner, PT, MSPT, CLT

Immediately after pregnancy and during breastfeeding, hormone levels are still changed and therefore ligament laxity will persist. As well, if you experienced the abdominal muscle separation, the effectiveness of your core muscles remains decreased. Here are some ways you can care for you as you care for your new baby:

Always lift with bent knees and a flat back. Engage your abdominal muscles every time you lift your baby. This will help with your back pain while lifting, but also begin to help re-strengthen your core!

Resist leaning over the crib side to get your baby out. Put down the side of the crib, get close to the edge of the crib, bend your knees, bend at your hips and keep your back flat as you reach forward to lift your baby. Always bring your baby close to your body before lifting or standing back up during lifting. (This goes the same for car seats, laundry baskets, diaper bags!)

When changing your baby, keep them on a safe surface that allows you to care for them without bending forward.

When breastfeeding, you want to position yourself so you do not have to lean forward towards your child. In sitting, place pillows in your lap to help support the baby in your arms and bring them closer to your breasts. Sit in a firm, supportive chair instead of a soft couch or the floor.

Going somewhere? If you can, put the car seat into the car without the baby in it first. Car seats are heavy and so are growing babies, so if you can carry them separately it will help decrease your back pain. When putting the car seat in the car, try to get in the back seat to avoid leaning over and into the car while standing outside the car.

Initiating a post-pregnancy exercise program can be a challenge with a newborn at home. But getting in some gentle exercises while the baby naps or when someone else can babysit will help regain your abdominal strength, core control and decrease back pain. A physical therapist can help develop a program that is right for your body and lifestyle. Always consult your physician before beginning a new exercise program.

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Being A Mom Can Be A Real Pain In the Back!

Women’s Health Week 

Pregnant Mother Doing Yoga

By Nancy Offner, PT, MSPT, CLT

During pregnancy several things occur that can cause back pain:

Weight gain: as that bundle of joy grows it adds weight on the front of your body, changing your center of gravity. This shift of weight to the front of your body can put increased strain on your low back. Be conscious of maintaining good alignment of your low back, use your stomach muscles to help decrease “sway back” when standing and lifting.

Abdominal muscles separation: Sometimes as the uterus expands the abdominal muscles can separate where the two sides join in the center of the abdomen. This isn’t uncommon but can decrease the effectiveness of the abdominal muscles late in pregnancy and contribute to back pain.

Hormones! The change in hormonal levels can cause an increase in ligament laxity. This results in decreased support of the low back and can lead to pain.

What to do? First and foremost consult your OB/GYN before beginning or changing any exercise routine. Gentle exercises for abdominal control and general conditioning can help decrease back strain and pain during pregnancy. Walking, biking and aquatic exercise are low impact and can help with overall conditioning. If pain persists a physical therapist can help develop an exercise routine to address your specific concerns and body.

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