Being A Mom Can Be A Real Pain In the Back!

Women’s Health Week 

Pregnant Mother Doing Yoga

By Nancy Offner, PT, MSPT, CLT

During pregnancy several things occur that can cause back pain:

Weight gain: as that bundle of joy grows it adds weight on the front of your body, changing your center of gravity. This shift of weight to the front of your body can put increased strain on your low back. Be conscious of maintaining good alignment of your low back, use your stomach muscles to help decrease “sway back” when standing and lifting.

Abdominal muscles separation: Sometimes as the uterus expands the abdominal muscles can separate where the two sides join in the center of the abdomen. This isn’t uncommon but can decrease the effectiveness of the abdominal muscles late in pregnancy and contribute to back pain.

Hormones! The change in hormonal levels can cause an increase in ligament laxity. This results in decreased support of the low back and can lead to pain.

What to do? First and foremost consult your OB/GYN before beginning or changing any exercise routine. Gentle exercises for abdominal control and general conditioning can help decrease back strain and pain during pregnancy. Walking, biking and aquatic exercise are low impact and can help with overall conditioning. If pain persists a physical therapist can help develop an exercise routine to address your specific concerns and body.

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Simple Ways Physical Therapy Can Reduce the Risk of Falls!

Risk for Falling

By Dr. Boben Babu, DPT at Parry Physical Therapy Group


Are you at an increased risk for falls?
Falls are the leading cause of injury in the elderly population. One in five falls can result in head trauma or fractures, which can result in a spiraling myriad of health complications specifically in the elderly population of 65+. Here are a few factors which increase your chance of having a fall:
  • Muscle weakness in your lower body
  • Poor balance
  • Medication interactions
  • Poor vision
  • Foot pain
  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Abnormal walking patterns
A fall usually occurs as a combination of these above-mentioned factors and is rarely seen in isolation.
Physical therapists are healthcare professionals specialized in creating an individualized program just for you to address your areas of deficits and concerns to prevent injury.  To reduce the risk of falls,  a physical therapist may help you in a variety of ways, including:
  •  Assisting with balance training exercises (ex. standing or tossing a ball while on different surfaces or reaching beyond your base of support to challenge how well you can maintain an upright posture.)
  • Improving your core strength so that when you move, everything moves cohesively allowing you to feel more secure and stable.

Visit us today to learn how these and other therapies can help you to avoid falls and stay at the top of your game!  Call us at 215-538-1999 to make an appointment or stop by at one of our offices close to you – Souderton, Lansdale, Harleysville or Perkasie!

2018 Jelly Bean Counting Contest Winners!

Parry Physical Therapy Group welcomed the spring season with a jelly bean counting contest in its clinics at the North Penn YMCA in Lansdale and the Indian Valley YMCA in Harleysville. YMCA members and physical therapy patients submitted hundreds of entries to win Apple iPads and participate in the colorful spring tradition. Karen Brown of Harleysville guessed the correct number of jelly beans in the Indian Valley YMCA contest, and Cathy Steele of Lansdale was the happy winner from the North Penn YMCA.

Dr. Parry presents an award to winner Karen Brown

Dr. Parry presents an award to winner Karen Brown

Cathy Steele wins in Lansdale

Cathy Steele wins in Lansdale



Pastors Masters Benefits Love Cradle International

Parry Physical Therapy was a Master Sponsor of the 7th Annual Pastors Masters Charity Golf Tournament held on April 30, 2018, at the Indian Valley Country Club in Telford.  The tournament benefits Love Cradle International, an orphan ministry which provides adoption counseling, hosting programs and a variety of other humanitarian services to orphan children in the U.S. and eastern Europe.  The generous support of the tournament from corporate sponsors, businesses, and participants in the Montgomery and Bucks County areas will enable Love Cradle to continue to improve the lives of hundreds of abandoned and rejected children. This year’s Master Sponsors also included Hatfield Meats and Alderfer Glass Company.

Following the tournament, a dinner reception was held, and guest speakers, Bill and Linda Curtis, shared their experience of adopting two boys from Crimea, Ukraine. Dr. Jack Parry, owner of Parry Physical Therapy Services and Director of Resource Development for Love Cradle International, presented awards to the top competitors:

1st Place: David Moll, Gary Schillo, Tim Moll, and Lance Viola. The winning team members received the Pastors Masters trophy, 40” TVs, Pastors Masters jackets, and a round of golf at Indian Valley Country Club.

2nd Place team winners Jeremy Jushchyshyn, John Jushchyshyn, Dr. Benjamin Chu, and Edward Chu were awarded TaylorMade golf bags.

3rd Place team winners Mark Clemm, Bill Van Sant, Gary Brown, and Jason Ryan received Range Finders.

Grand Prize winner, David Moll, received a 40” TV and a complimentary round of golf for four at Indian Valley Country Club.

1st Place

1st Place

Other Winners:

Straightest Drive – Men and Women: Jack and Karen Parry
Longest Drive – Men and Women: Dave Moll and Kristin Wonderling
Closest to the Pin – Robert Wheeless, Mark Clem, Derek Loux
Putting Contest: Mark Clem
Circle of Gold: Robert Wheeless, Lance Viola, and Mark Clem

Peter Becker Community Golf Outing & Parry PT

Parry Physical Therapy Group was pleased to sponsor the 18th Annual Peter Becker Community Golf Outing held on October 2, 2017.  The event benefited the Peter Becker Community Benevolent Fund used to improve the lives of senior citizens in our area.


Former PPTG patient Dave Moll IMG_0330


A great day of golf, contests, prizes, and community involvement took place at the Indian Valley Country Club.

Peter Becker Community Golf Outing Cropped group shot Peter Becker 10-2-2017