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Joint Replacement Therapy

Parry Physical Therapy provides Joint Replacement Therapy


There are an estimated 1 million joint replacements performed annually in the US, and this number continues to rise as baby boomers get older.  When the cartilage surface of a bone in a joint wears down to a point that the bones are in contact with each other, considerable pain and stiffness can be experienced.  This is typically known as osteoarthritis.  A joint replacement (arthroplasty) involves replacing your normal worn out bone with metal, plastic or ceramic components to replace the arthritic or damaged part of the joint.  This procedure often alleviates the joint pain but may not restore total function due to residual stiffness and weakness.  Knees and hips are the most commonly replaced joints, but joint replacements are also performed in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle and some finger joints.


How Physical Therapy Can Help with Joint Replacement

After you have consulted with your doctor and have decided to proceed with a joint replacement, physical therapy can be instrumental in preparing you for your surgery. Pre-operative physical therapy will improve post-operative outcomes and can reduce post-operative care use by nearly 30%.

Pre-operative therapy will:

  • Improve range of motion of the affected joint and Increase strength of your extremity
  • Train you on the proper use of adaptive equipment for walking after your surgery (i.e. crutches, cane or walker)
  • Provide education about expectations for recovery
  • Provide you with a home exercise program to begin immediately following surgery

When you return to Parry Physical Therapy Group post operatively, our doctors will complete a comprehensive evaluation, discuss your goals, assess your impairments and develop an individualized program to optimize your outcomes and resume your previous level of function in the home and community.

Your post-operative physical therapy will include:

  • Management of pain and edema with the use of modalities such as heat, ice, electrical stimulation or kinesiotaping
  • Manual therapy techniques to decrease swelling, tissue restriction, and improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility to restore movement
  • Therapeutic exercise including stretching and strengthening to improve range of motion, strength and stability around the joint.
  • Balance retraining
  • Functional activities such as walking, stair/curb management, standing and stooping, reaching, pushing and pulling for household and work functions
  • Functional training to get you back to your normal daily life
  • Individualized home exercise program to compliment what you are performing and achieving in physical therapy


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