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Treatment Approach


Parry physical therapist with patient on his first visit

Your First Visit

During your first visit to Parry Physical Therapy, an initial examination is performed. During our exam, we take a thorough general medical history and description of your chief complaints. We also perform a systems review, screen for any “red flags” that might indicate other disease processes that you may not have related to your referring physician.

We then investigate the cause of your pain and physical dysfunction. This will include joint range of motion, palpation for tissue tightness, muscle spasm and/or pain, assessment of joint stiffness with hands-on techniques, strength and endurance measures, a neurological screening, flexibility tests, posture assessment, and special clinical tests to discover the exact problem.

The therapist then reviews the findings, systems review, and test measures to develop a diagnosis, prognosis and plan of cure for you. The severity and complexity of the impairments along with your general health and motivation will determine the scope and length of your therapy. The therapy may last several sessions or several weeks.


Your Physical Therapy Treatments

Depending on your diagnosis and prognosis, your physical therapy program will consist of different types of exercises and treatments. These include:

Passive treatments, such as ice, heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation, help to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Active treatments, such as stretching, muscle re-education, conditioning, and strengthening, aid in restoring function.

Every patient and the nature of his or her injury or condition is unique, therefore physical therapy treatment plans vary for each patient. Your therapist will tailor your rehabilitation according to your specific impairments, health status and abilities.

Your rate of recovery will depend on several factors, including your motivation level and compliance to therapy, your age, your physical condition, and the type and severity of your injury.

It is typical to feel better after a few visits to therapy and to think you do not need to complete your treatment plan. However, pain is only one form of impairment and it is recommended that you resolve all of your impairments to insure that the pain does not come back.

"I made steady progress and the program was adjusted as I improved.  I went from constant pain to NO PAIN at all and improved range of motion.  Everyone was very nice!"  -- C. Gray


The Parry Physical Therapy Difference


Personalized Care

We take a personal interest in your recovery. Each patient is treated by the same licensed therapist each time they visit. Our aim is to ensure your comfort, confidence, and complete recovery.

Patient Education

Patients often have questions about their conditions. We take time to answer your questions and explain the reasons for your illness. We also explain what you can expect from your therapy.

Commitment to Excellence

Our staff is required to maintain the most advanced training for the most current techniques and technologies so you receive the highest quality care.

Competent Care

Our staff has an average of 25 years individual experience in orthopedic-related rehabilitation. Most of our therapists hold a doctor degree in physical therapy. Our clinicians attend monthly seminars on diagnosis and treatment. All of this is aimed at providing our patients with the most qualified and competent care possible. Along with our ongoing training, we believe our success at restoring function and relieving pain is due to a high degree of manual hands-on approach to care.

Thorough Communication

Our therapists communicate regularly with your doctor or case manager so that they can make informed decisions about managing your care more effectively.

Finding the Cause

People with arthritis or back pain are usually treated with medications or surgery. We look at what is causing your joints to degenerate or your back to be painful. There is usually an obvious reason for joint degeneration or pain. We examine, assess, and diagnose what is causing your impairments and fix it.