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Simple Ways Physical Therapy Can Reduce the Risk of Falls!

Risk for Falling

By Dr. Boben Babu, DPT at Parry Physical Therapy Group


Are you at an increased risk for falls?
Falls are the leading cause of injury in the elderly population. One in five falls can result in head trauma or fractures, which can result in a spiraling myriad of health complications specifically in the elderly population of 65+. Here are a few factors which increase your chance of having a fall:
  • Muscle weakness in your lower body
  • Poor balance
  • Medication interactions
  • Poor vision
  • Foot pain
  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Abnormal walking patterns
A fall usually occurs as a combination of these above-mentioned factors and is rarely seen in isolation.
Physical therapists are healthcare professionals specialized in creating an individualized program just for you to address your areas of deficits and concerns to prevent injury.  To reduce the risk of falls,  a physical therapist may help you in a variety of ways, including:
  •  Assisting with balance training exercises (ex. standing or tossing a ball while on different surfaces or reaching beyond your base of support to challenge how well you can maintain an upright posture.)
  • Improving your core strength so that when you move, everything moves cohesively allowing you to feel more secure and stable.

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