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Being A Mom Can Be A Real Pain In the Back!

Women’s Health Week 

Pregnant Mother Doing Yoga

By Nancy Offner, PT, MSPT, CLT

During pregnancy several things occur that can cause back pain:

Weight gain: as that bundle of joy grows it adds weight on the front of your body, changing your center of gravity. This shift of weight to the front of your body can put increased strain on your low back. Be conscious of maintaining good alignment of your low back, use your stomach muscles to help decrease “sway back” when standing and lifting.

Abdominal muscles separation: Sometimes as the uterus expands the abdominal muscles can separate where the two sides join in the center of the abdomen. This isn’t uncommon but can decrease the effectiveness of the abdominal muscles late in pregnancy and contribute to back pain.

Hormones! The change in hormonal levels can cause an increase in ligament laxity. This results in decreased support of the low back and can lead to pain.

What to do? First and foremost consult your OB/GYN before beginning or changing any exercise routine. Gentle exercises for abdominal control and general conditioning can help decrease back strain and pain during pregnancy. Walking, biking and aquatic exercise are low impact and can help with overall conditioning. If pain persists a physical therapist can help develop an exercise routine to address your specific concerns and body.

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